Struggling With Halo 5’s Hydra Weapon? Try This Strategy

Struggling With Halo 5’s Hydra Weapon? Try This Strategy

Here’s a tactic you’ll want to try for more success with Halo 5’s new rocket-type weapon.

Guide To The Best Attachments in Halo 5

This is a guide to the attachments I use and love in Halo 5

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The Dynamo Solved A 15 Year Old Halo Design Issue

The Dynamo from Halo Infinite is a new nade that has subtly solved a design flaw the Halo franchise has had since Halo 3! But how? Let’s discuss.
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The Dynamo in Halo Infinite was designed to overcome one of the biggest balancing quirks in Halo’s history. Area of effect and area of denial. In the past, things such as the Incendiary Nades have been too power and others like the Pulse Nade, too weak. But the road to a great nade in Halo is not just about damage. It’s about function, form and synergy. The Dynamo, has it all. Let’s discuss how The Dynamo Solved a 15 Year Old Halo Design Issue.

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Halo 5 – How To Put A Silencer On Any Weapon

Didn’t seem like a lot of people were aware of this but, using the good ol weapon pad glitch, you can put a silencer on literally any weapon in Halo 5!
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MASSIVE DARKTIDE VETERAN GUIDE UPDATE – 4 Best Builds + Weapon Combos, Curios, feats and Blessings

This is an overhaul and an update to the ultimate Veteran Sharpshooter guide, with better blessings perks and weapon knowledge than the last one after practicing.

There is also vods for EVERY single weapon and clip used in the video on Tier 5

MG12 – https://youtu.be/DhmH2YYYiO0
Helbore – https://youtu.be/wtn-vv-3nQM
Recon –

Bolter – https://youtu.be/fLOC2rvRCOo
Plasma Gun – https://youtu.be/MOTowNvraEY


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0:00 Intro
1:36 The Cake IS a LIE
2:32 Unfortunate
3:47 MG12
4:37 Helbore
5:11 Recon Lasgun
5:47 MHR Build
7:59 Bolter
9:46 Plasma gun
12:13 Space Cowboy
12:28 Revolver/Shotgun
12:50 Tap Strafe
13:17 Sly Marbo
13:43 Power Sword
13:57 Combat Axe
14:03 Chainsword
14:11 Combat Blade
14:30 Curios
15:44 Important Notes