The Division 1.2 Update: Here Are the New Gear Sets

The Division 1.2 Update: Here Are the New Gear Sets

Check out the new Gear Sets for The Division’s soon-to-launch free update.


These are ways to get your hands on the new gear sets, hope this helps. Remember to support by leaving a like, thanks everyone!

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The Division INFINITE 240 GEAR SETS! New 1.2 Update News! Clear Sky & Sealed Caches

The Division 1.2 Update Thickens! Confirmation on guaranteed 240 gear set drops EVERY completion of an incursion is huge! List of changes below!

Named enemies can drop Sealed Caches which hold many different types of loot.
Clear Sky Incursion will have promised Gear Set drops each completion with double drops the first time a week.
New Gear Sets are:
Final Measure is a new defensive set.
Hunter’s Faith is a new long range set.
Predator’s Mark new support set.
Lone Star is a DPS (damage per second) gear set.

For more info check out – https://blog.ubi.com/42953/

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The Division – Patch 1.2 – New Gear Sets. New Perks, Talents & Bonuses.

Hey guys new Gear Sets are coming with Patch 1.2. Here are the full set bonuses / perks for each of the new sets with screen shots from the Special report.

Final measure 0:20
Hunter’s Faith 1:06
Predator’s Mark 2:12
Lone Star 3:46

Final Measure – Defensive / Tank Set
2 Pieces – 50% Exotic Damage Resilience
3 Pieces – 15% Proection from Elites
4 Pieces – (Talent) Final Measure: When damaging a hostile with a grenade, gain a defuse buff. When in range of a hostile grenade, the buff is consumed and defuses the grenade as well as gives you a grenade.

Hunters Faith – Long Range / Marksman Set
2 Pieces – 20% Marksman Rifle Critical Hit Damage
3 Pieces – 20% Damage to Elites
4 Pieces – (Talent) Hunters Faith: Hitting an enemy with a bullet grants you temporary armor. The further your shot, the more the armor. The armor disappears after one bullet hits you.

Predators Mark – New Support Set
2 Pieces – 20% Optimal Range
3 Pieces – +800 Assault Rifle Dmg
+700 Pistol Dmg
4 Pieces – (Talent) Predator’s Mark: Hit 10 shots without switching target to make the target bleed for 100% of the damage already done by those bullets.

Lone Star – Solo/Midrange DPS set
2 Pieces – 100% Ammo capacity
3 Pieces – +1000 LMG Damage
+1000 Shotgun Damage
4 Pieces – (Talent) Lone Star. When the weapon is holstered, it regains full ammo.

The Division – New Gear Sets 1.2 DLC!

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